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Custard-filled Eclair
Custard-filled Eclair

Yummy Good!

Our eclairs are a good size and can be a dessert for two... unless it’s one of those days where you just don’t feel like sharing!

Custard-Filled Eclair

Like everything at Kohnen’s, our yummy eclairs are made from scratch. First the eclair shell is made and piped out of a pastry bag into strips to be baked. Once cooled each eclair is individually filled with our secret Kohnen's custard recipe and dipped in melted milk chocolate. The final touch is the white ganache fanned over the top to resemble stripes.

Once completed, our eclairs are immediately placed in our refrigerated store showcase for display and sale at $3.80 each.

Try our yummy-good eclairs today!

“The eclair was a masterpiece. The cream was the real deal, made out of real ingredients (you can tell when it's the artificial stuff that Walmart mass-produces), and the whole thing was so delicious that eating it was a chore. A delicious, scrumptious chore. :)”

Grigory L. - Quebec City, Canada
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